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UK’s Exclusive Representative of the Aerospace Division - OTTO FUCHS Group

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VALIMET exclusively represents market leaders in the manufacture of high quality products for the aerospace and defence industry within the UK.


We focus on specialised products and supply solutions using lightweight and high performance materials involving manufacturing processes such as forging, casting, machining and assembly.

VALIMET can also help you develop your business in areas such as, additive manufacturing and other powder metallurgy based processes.


  • Our partners are globally recognised and produce components that have been engineered to adhere to the strictest technical requirements of the aerospace industry.

  • We pride ourselves on working with world class teams of aerospace professionals and we are committed to providing superior sales, business development and customer service support.

  • Our goal is to ensure we continually add value to your business with the highest quality of representation available in today’s UK market place.

In all our activities we act as a solid, ethical and professional representative, ensuring we uphold your brand values and support your companies’ goals, objectives and reputation. 

Welcome to VALIMET 

UK Representative for manufacturers in the aerospace and defence industry, specialising
in components and systems manufactured from lightweight, innovative and high performance materials.  

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"VALIMET is the UK’s exclusive representative of the aerospace division of OTTO FUCHS Group. We are delighted with how VALIMET supports the continued development of OTTO FUCHS products into the UK aerospace industry. Their contact network and account management skills are invaluable to us as we build stronger relationships with our customers and continue with our exciting growth story."

Head of Sales,  Aerospace Division


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