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OTTO FUCHS- Perfect in any shape


OTTO FUCHS are a leading globally active company, which believes in Efficient Technology - Optimum Products. From space flight to moving people and transporting goods globally, their products set trends in the aerospace, automotive and construction industry, as well as in industrial engineering. 


OTTO FUCHS manufacture extruded, forged and ring-rolled products in materials such as Aluminium, Magnesium, Copper, Titanium and Nickel alloys. Our customers require safety, lightweight design, reliability and durability and they rely on the unique properties of the products produced by OTTO FUCHS.

Since founded in 1910, the Aerospace Division of OTTO FUCHS has produced over 5,000 different products made from almost 100 different alloys for its global customer base.


With a focus on experience, know-how and innovations, OTTO FUCHS and its subsidiary WEBER METALS INC form the Aerospace Division of OTTO FUCHS Group.


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